Client: Unglu-d

Unglu-d – Building the home of the gluten free community.

Client: Unglu-d

Unglu-d is the home of gluten free in Ireland. We created a loose and playful identity for Unglu-d that allowed it to become a community. Where people can come together to share, reclaim, expand and challenge ideas and experiences around coeliac disease.

Gluten helps food maintain their shape acting as a glue that holds food together. It’s what gives bread it’s rise during baking and it’s responsible for dough’s elasticity. Taking the literal meaning from the name ‘Unglu-d’, it means the opposite of glue, to be free of itself, separate, loose. The branding aimed to visually reflect this as a concept; expressive, loose and full of personality.

Unglu-d as a brand needed an empathetic, upbeat and conversational tone of voice. As a platform for community, it needed a personality and a philosophy that could connect people in an era where everybody is informed and connected. The branding reflected this concept by showcasing it’s friendly, holistic and expressive personality through loose illustration and engaging copywriting.

Web: Unglu-d

Friendly, witty and conversational language were important to keeping the brand positive and not all about the downsides of being coeliac or gluten intolerant. The illustrations take inspiration and honour the wonder of our natural and organic gut system.

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