Client: Studio And

Reflecting the bold output of Studio And with a striking and playful visual identity.

Client: Studio And

Identity for Studio And, a Dublin based architectural and interior design practice. The studio's bold output utilises form, colour and space in a unique and playful manner, all of which have been reflected in this striking visual identity.

Ciara McGonigal offers full architectural design services in her practice — from build to fit out, with all stages, signoff, safety and all the inbetween. This needed to be reflected in the branding and naming, something that was modular, adaptable and had depth. With that we came up with Studio And.

We worked with Ciara to create the brand name for her new studio, around the concept of collaboration, where Studio And, is the conduit for working and linking other trades and professions collectively on each project they do.

Instead of using the traditional acroynm of the practice owners name, as this might be prohibitive for future applications – we explored options for a more hollistic approach to the naming, something that is ambigious and modular to allow for expansion of the practice and future employees / partners etc. Studio And is the conduit for collaborations and linking trades and craftspeople on each project.

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