Creating something familiar for ilk, the new Irish clothing brand.

Irish menswear label ilk makes stylish, long-lasting clothing through considered design.

When ilk came to us, they didn’t have a name yet. Understanding their values of wanting to link like-minded people, we suggested ilk, and we’ve been with them ever since. They wanted a brand that stood out with a timeless design that would be appreciated around the world as their business grew.

Choosing a vibrant, eye-catching red and teaming that with a custom logotype, ilk quickly became one of Ireland’s most interesting fashion brands. ilk wanted their brand to feel ‘familiar’ and we chose to focus on a more classic, gold-age of typography approach.


Irish in origin, ilk is a ready-to-wear brand that produces timeless, trans-seasonal and adaptable pieces, for a practical, layerable wardrobe. ilk means family, tribe and community, all of which have been at the heart of the brand since its inception. At ilk, each piece is designed with intention.

ilk means family, a tribe, like-minded individuals. The design process at ilk has collaboration at its core, and the designs are imbued with this collective voice. There needed to be a sense of familirity and warm nostalgia with the ilk brand, it needed to resonate with people, to give a sense that they 'knew this brand' and were comfortable with it.

Grandson produce everything associated with ilk. Ranging from art direction on photo and video shoots, to the models and photographers chosen for each campaign. The ethos of ilk is to focus on every aspect of design detailing and enhance it where possible. This means there is a highly considered approach to all aspects of the brand, and branding.

Texture, colour, tactility and feel, are all paramount to the ilk brand. We work collaboratively with the brand to ensure there is a considered selection process for all tags, paper stocks, print finish, packaging. Using raised thermographic printing techniques, we careful chose paperstocks had a warm tactility. Chosing a specific mottled parchment paper for the letterheaded stationery, ilk handwrite all correspondance with suppliers, collaborators and customers to further reinforce that sense of old fashioned communicative habits. Who doesnt like receiving a hand written posted letter?

Collaboration is also hugely important with ilk. We have worked with Myles Shelley, Rosie Barrett and Al Hooi, to name a few colaborators, on various campaigns and editorials for ilk. See more of ilk here

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