Client: Brian Berrills & Company Solicitors

Drawing from the past with Brian Berrills & Company Solicitors.

Client: Brian Berrills & Company Solicitors

With over 60 years of legal experience in general practice, Brian Berrills & Company Solicitors are experts in all areas of law.

Inspiration for this identity was found in the wrought iron railings outside thier premise, which fortuitously had stylised B shaped forms within them. Drawing from these forms, we create a classic but contemporary BB monogram insigina to represent the company.

Window signage expertly applied in gold-leaf by Andy Greaves of Wonders & Signs.

Recent Work

Capturing the spirit of the ocean for Carlingford Lough Sea Tours.

This round is on us. Mo Chara; branding Dundalk’s first taphouse.

Another season, another league title, another book for Dundalk FC.