Unfold Exhibition Catalogue | Rua Red

'Unfold' exhibition catalogue and identity for Rua Red | OPW.

A joint partnership between the Office of Public Works and Department of Finance and Personnel in association with RUA RED South Dublin Arts Centre.
This was a collaborative project with fellow designer friend Ciárán Murphy.

Unfold is the inaugural exhibition of the Young Curators project initiated by RUA RED. The exhibition is the culmination of many connections, individual, collective and artistic. The project saw various bodies an individuals connect under the common goal of curation.

Rather than follow a prescribed theme, Unfold is a selection of artworks by the students according to their own tastes and interconnected logics, they themselves provide the link between individual pieces. Therefore the exhibition can be seen as idiosyncratic to the nine individuals involved in discussing and debating the value of specific art works by leading contemporary artists. The title itself sums up the experience of engaging with the vast collections of art of the OPW and DFPNI.

We the identity | lockup for the exhibition, and applied this to several elements. We created a 48 page brochure, bus advertising, signage and way finding for the show itself.

Additional photography by Olivier Cornet Gallery | Abraham Tarrush

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