Hench, Belfast

Hench is the home of progressive, strength biased fitness situated in Belfast City Centre. We were initially
approached to do an identity in its early initiatory stages as a small startup with plans for expansion.

This has since grown rapidly into a much larger multi-disciplinary
brand and business. We have been involved at all stages of its
development, collaborating with various metalworkers, carpenter
and architects.

Brand identity

We wanted our logotype to reflect the physics and
raw physicality behind strength and conditioning
training. There had to be a certain clout and staunch
presence with this logo. It needed to be a solid and
unwavering to reflect this. We also didnt want this
logo to be too refined, we wanted to include some
raw edges and slight distortion, influenced by the
machinery and materials used intrinsically.


We felt that Alte Haas Grotesk worked really
well for the brand and identity. The type has
slightly rounded and uneven edges and this
reflected the branding and marking of the
weights and equipment used in Hench.


We wanted the materials used in
all applications of the brand to reflect
the rawness, mass and solidity of all
aspects of the brand. With that in mind
we chose to use a 600gsm uncoated
card stock with a deep foil deboss.


Hench is located in Belfast City Centre in a
former printer and paper mill. The building
itself had some much character and raw
potential when we first saw it so we really
wanted to use this to our advantage and
make use of all the textures and structural
elements and aesthetics that would lend itself
to the brand.


We commissioned all the signage for the
premises on reclaimed metal. Peter Jones &
Anto from DIT College Print Department
created them. We wanted all imperfections &
markings kept on the raw metal. We acid etched
these and left untreated knowing that age and
the elements would affect them and add character
and developing interestingly over time.

Interior | Exterior | Digital

There were so many textures, features and
elements of the building that lent itself
perfectly to the brand and the brand aesthetic.
We worked from the very start with various
metal & wood workers, fitters and architects,
making use of what was there and ultimately
creating a highly functional, modular and adaptable
workspace for a diverse range of activities and purposes.

We were also commissioned to hand paint some internal
branding for the launch of Hench in November 2013.


Hench Website

Fully mobile responsive website for all devices and platforms.
Website designed by Grandson, Dundalk.
Website developed by Nicholas Black.
All photography by Rory Girvan, Grandson, Simon of SLR Productions