Dublin Institute of Technology
Graduation Exhibition 2011

The DIT School of Art, Design & Printing required a catalogue
for its annual end of year graduate exhibition. We were chosen
to create the identity | website | exhibition | catalogue for this event.

Exhibition theme

The exhibition and catalogue was a chance to showcase and
promote the work of all 120 graduate students across 5 departments.
We chose the theme of 'exposure' to reflect this. We carried this theme
throughout by visually by paring back the design of the book, letting the students
work be the main focus, giving each person a spread to show their work
and also describe it. We also chose to expose the binding and blind deboss
the cover to keep it as minimalist as possible.


We created the identity for the project which was used on all applications.
We chose to use Klavika as the typeface for our identity and throughout the book itself.
We also only used two colours throughout the design to keep it as clean, modernist and minimal as possible in order for the work to have prominence and contrast.


We opted to not do printed promotion for the exhibition.
Instead we sent E-Vites to people and also created a website to add more scope
for students to showcase more of their work, details and personal information.

Development Blog

In order to keep all of the students, lecturers and funders in the loop, we set up a
development blog to document the progress of the project. This was very successful
and was used as an informative promotional tool to increase peoples interest and involvement in the project from start to finish.